Electrical Licensing

More ever in any age, electricity has become the vital resource of many functions and facilities in our modern society. Operations, processes, business functions, comfort and even life-support are heavily dependent on the electrical infrastructure. 

Yet, the electrical infrastructure may not necessarily receive the right attention in regular inspection and maintenance. 

Through time, the electrical installation may gradually show signs of aging, illegal tempering, misuse or overloading. If left undetected, this may pose risks to personnel safety or business continuity. 

Regular inspection and monitoring of the electrical infrastructure directly affects the reliability, availability and security of the system. 

HY provides licensing services for low-voltage and high-voltage electrical installations.
We believe that monthly inspection of the electrical infrastructure is important and we commit to this service standard to our clients. 

Our services rendered are : 

(1) Submission and renewal of (high/low tension) electrical installation license application to the Energy Market Authority of     Singapore.

(2) We provide professional and technical advise to ensure the safe and reliable operations of electrical installations

(3) Our regular inspections of your electrical infrastructure would further help to detect any abnormalities that will subject personnel or your operations to risks.

(4) Our Engineers shall visit and inspect your electrical installation once every month and shall report to your company the findings on each visits. We shall recommend necessary actions if any abnormalities are found.

(5) Our Licensed Engineers shall avail themselves at all times on reasonable notice to attend to any faults or breakdowns of the electrical installations.          

(6) To make all necessary arrangements for the application and renewal of the Electrical Licence.

(7) To recommend suitable inspection frequency, maintenance schedule and any additional safety measure to be taken assessing the operation conditions of and wear and tear of your electrical installation

(8) To carry out any switching operations at your electrical installation

(9) To recommend servicing, maintenance and repair works when necessary.

(10) To provide advice on any technical or licensing matters related to your electrical installation

(11) To submit inspection reports, maintenance reports, updated single line drawings and any other relevant documents relating to your electrical installations to the Energy Market Authority. 

(12) To gather the relevant information and prepare the application for an electrical installation licence.

(13) To submit the electrical installation licence application to EMA on our client's behalf.