Architectural Shielding

Illustration of the unintentional leakage of Electromagnetic signals from a Data Processing Equipment via Conducted and Spurious Radiation means in a typical office.

Electronic Data Processing Equipment conducts and radiates electromagnetic and even optical signals that can be exploited by others to reconstruct the signal. This is the emerging threat of electronic eavesdropping.

Conversely the same conducted and radiated means of signal transmission can be exploited by others to intentionally disrupt the operations of the Data Processing Equipment. This is the emerging threat of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI). 

The illustration shows that traditional design and construction of a building or space provide multiple paths for the transmission of electromagnetic signals. Electromagnetic signals can easily travel through windows, walls, doors, cables and even ventilation ducts. This can be a vulnerability for an organization.

Architectural Shielding is a method of integrating EMI Shielding techniques into the overall design and construction of a space to protect against the above-mentioned threats. This involves the careful design and treatment of traditional Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical elements of the building or space do not form a path for electromagnetic signal transmission.

If you are concerned of the vulnerability of your organization operations to the above mentioned threats, please do contact us.